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Mojave Town Welcome Billboards

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These billboards were designed for the Mojave Chamber of Commerce and the Mojave Spaceport.  They are a collage of three of Mike's photos, detailed below.   There are three billboards currently, soon to be four, at various entrances to the town and the spaceport main entrance.   The final composite image is 10,000 pixels wide CMYK and around 200MB in file size.    It is printed using durable inkjet on vinyl.   The signs have been up for two years now and show little sign of fading.   The printers commented that it was one of the best looking source files they had ever seen.   You can walk right up to the sign and it looks great.  I made sure that every detail was taken care of.   I carefully up-resed the images using Genuine Fractals and several other techniques to ensure even, fine grain.    Each sign had a different aspect ratio, so several versions were made some with a windmill cropped off the right side.

Sign Raising and other Photos:

Here is the first sign being raised.   You can see the vinyl texture before it is stretched to remove all folds and seams.  When it is finished it looks as if it is painted directly on the backboard.

The Spaceport version is shorter and taller (note only two large windmills instead of one on the right) and is viewed much closer up.  It also has different lettering.

The three primary images used for the billboard collage:

The final image:

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